Hollywood Pitch Funtime

Hosted by Asif and David

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New Schedule

Hello, pitch enthusiasts!

We’re switching Hollywood Pitch Funtime to Tuesdays, and About Last Week to Thursdays.

Why? Because it makes much more sense to those who listen to both.

If you’re not listening to both, what the hell are you doing? Get on it!


One Pitch. Two Men. Thirty Minutes.

Underwritten by our faceless conglomerate sponsors, Fumiko Corp., every week we will pitch a brand new movie or TV idea for the suits in Hollywood.

We start each episode completely unprepared, armed only with a genre, and have 30 minutes to flesh out a pitch to be delivered to Fumiko Corp.

Two men enter, one pitch emerges. Prepare yourself, Hollywood. You’re not going to know what hit you (in the beanbag).